Are you looking for a simple cash loan? Do you need to borrow a small amount and at the same time spread the repayment for several dozen installments? PKO Bank can meet your expectations. Get to know the details!



Although the PKO bank does not offer a strictly “cash loan” product in its offer, we can accept the MiniRatka cash loan proposal for this type of liability. It is one of the flagship solutions that the bank offers its customers as part of ongoing financial support.

Conditions for cash loans 


Available amounts and repayment period

By choosing a cash loan offer from PKO you can borrow from 1,000 to 50,000 PLN. In this case, the loan period is between 10 and 120 months.

Interest and commission

In the case of Miniratka, the interest rate is 8.99%. The customer must also take into account the need to pay a commission of 4.99%.

Other fees related to the loan

The insurance cost also included the insurance premium (0.35%). In addition, the bank does not charge other fees directly related to this obligation.

Required documents

To apply for the MiniRatka loan at PKO Bank, prepare the following documents and information:

  • ID card,
  • statement on income and ROR statement for the last 3 months for loans up to PLN 24,000 (otherwise a certificate of employment and earnings)
  • e-mail address,
  • Phone number,
  • Bank account number.

Other requirements in relation to borrowers

The minimum age of the borrower is 18 years. The maximum age of the lender is set individually.

Representative example

The Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) is 28.45%, the total loan amount (without credited costs) PLN 10,786.36, the total amount to be paid 19,124.32 PLN, variable interest rate 9.99%, total loan cost 8337.96 PLN (including: commission PLN 1610.33, interest PLN 4,124.32, insurance cost PLN 2603.31), 60 monthly installments equal to PLN 318.63. The calculation was made on 05/02/2018 on a representative example.

How to take a cash loan at PKO

How to take a cash loan at PKO

You can apply for a cash loan in PKO in the following way:

  • by submitting an online application,
  • telephone
  • personally at the bank branch.

However, the contract is signed personally at a bank branch or in the presence of a courier who will deliver it to the address indicated by you.

Cash loan in PKO – opinions

Cash loan in PKO - opinions

Like any financial instrument, cash loan in PKO has its advantages and disadvantages. Based on the conditions of MiniRatka, we can indicate the weaker and stronger sides of this solution.

Advantages of cash loans in PKO

  • the possibility of spreading repayment for up to 10 years,
  • minimum formalities (an ID card and a statement / statement of income are enough),
  • three ways of applying (online, in a branch, by phone),
  • no need to run a personal account,
  • availability of an offer for young people (18 years are enough to apply)
  • short waiting time for credit decisions (about 1 day),
  • no additional fees (the bank does not charge fees, e.g. for early repayment),
  • no need to obtain the consent of your spouse.

Disadvantages of cash loans at PKO

  • low maximum loan amount (PLN 50,000),
  • high minimum loan amount (PLN 1,000)
  • no possibility of signing the contract by transfer,
  • no “credit holidays”,
  • the need to pay commissions.



The credit conditions presented above are valid as at 8/05/2018. To know the actual costs of this commitment in your case, please click the link below and submit a request for a cash loan at PKO.


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