Simplified procedures, quick decision, no need to present a goal – all these features describe the Santander Bank Polska Cash Loan. Let’s check then whether the other parameters of the offer look equally promising.

From a wide range of loans for current needs, offered by Santander Bank Polska, we chose the classic cash loan. This choice is not accidental, as it offers both a high amount of liability and a long repayment period. These parameters allow better matching of the offer to the current financial situation of the potential borrower.


Terms of cash loan at Santander Bank Polska


Terms of cash loan at Santander Bank Polska

Available amounts and repayment period

Persons interested in a Santander Bank Polska Cash Loan can apply for an amount ranging from PLN 1,000 to PLN 150,000. The upper limit must correspond to 20 times the net earnings of the applicant. The loan period ranges from 1 to 120 months.

Interest and commission

Both nominal interest rate and commission depend on many factors defined by the bank, ie the potential loan amount or the result of customer creditworthiness analysis. The fixed interest rate is in the range from 4.99% to 10.00%. On the other hand, the commission for financing is consistently 9.99%. This fee can be credited.

Other fees related to the loan

The use of the Santander Bank Polska Cash Loan does not require the creation of a personal account, but account holders may avoid having to present a certificate of income. The borrower may insure the loan on a voluntary basis, using one of the two protection options offered by the bank.

Required documents

Persons ready to submit an application for a Cash Loan at Santander Bank Polska should have the following documents and information:

  • ID card
  • certificate of employment and earnings
  • the average net income from the last three months
  • data of the current employer
  • data on loans taken and other financial liabilities
  • the date of the conclusion of the employment contract or granting the pension benefit / pension

Other requirements in relation to borrowers

The minimum age of the borrower is 18 years. The upper age limit has not been determined. The potential borrower must live in Poland.

Representative example

The Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) for a cash loan is 14.80%, the total loan amount (excluding credited costs) is PLN 21,692, PLN 41, the total amount to be paid PLN 32,091.42, variable yearly interest rate 9.79% (constitutes the sum of the NBP reference rate, which currently amounts to 1.5% and the bank’s margin of 8.29 pp), the total cost of the loan is PLN 10,399.01 (including: commission PLN 2,407.59, interest PLN 7991.42) , contract concluded for a period of 72 months, 71 monthly installments equal to PLN 446.08, last installment PLN 419.74. The calculation was made on 10/03/2019 on a representative example.

The credit decision depends on the result of an individual creditworthiness test and the credit risk assessment performed by Santander Bank Polska SA

How to take a Cash Loan at Santander Bank Polska?


How to take a Cash Loan at Santander Bank Polska?

You can apply for a Cash Loan at Santander Bank Polska using one of the following methods:

  • in the electronic banking system,
  • telephone
  • personally at the bank branch.

Cash Loan at Santander Bank Polska – reviews

Cash Loan at Santander Bank Polska - reviews

Like every financial instrument, the Cash Loan in Santander Bank Polska has its advantages and disadvantages. Based on a detailed analysis of the offer, we decided to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of this solution.

Advantages of the Cash Loan in Santander Bank Polska

  • high maximum loan amount (PLN 150,000),
  • the minimum loan amount (PLN 1,000),
  • maximum loan period (10 years)
  • the option of choosing an equal or decreasing installment
  • no need to open a personal account
  • minimum of formalities
  • three ways to apply for a loan
  • the possibility of borrowing money from the age of 18,

Disadvantages of cash loans at Santander Bank Polska

  • high commission for granting the loan (9.99%)
  • the maximum loan amount must be covered by the applicant’s net income




The credit terms presented above are valid as at 10/05/2018. To know the actual costs of this commitment in your case, click on the link below and submit a request for a cash loan at Santander Bank Polska.


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